Gozo meaning "joy" in Castillian, is the name the Aragonese gave this island, when they possessed it in 1282. Gozo is a tiny magical island, steeped in a rich history of myth, miracles, and ancient mysteries. It is one of the three islands of the country of Malta , located in the southern Mediterranean.

On this very small archipelago, in the space of only 180 square miles, the remains of 50 ancient temples have been found; temples dedicated to the worship of the earth goddess. Gozo is home to Ggantija, the oldest of those temples and is considered to be the oldest freestanding structure on the face of the earth. These temples were built of giant stones and patterned after the shape of a woman’s womb. Legend has it that this is also the mythical island of Ogygia , from Homer’s Odyssey, on which Odysseus was shipwrecked and enchanted by the immortal nymph Calypso, where she kept him in her cave for 7 years. The divine feminine is reflected in every culture that has occupied this land.