Dreaming Ourselves Awake

Movement and Meditation Residential Retreat

led by Denise Hyland and Janet Evergreen

This 5 day residential retreat is an opportunity to drop into deep silence, through meditation and explorations in movement, as we move toward the light of winter, incubating dreams, and opening to inner visions.

During this time we will explore the potent interplay between the stillness of meditation and our internal movement world. Each day there will be guided meditation supported by Zapchen exercises with silent sitting periods, as well as extended periods of exploration in breath, sound, and movement. Between sessions we will maintain silence to enhance the field of awareness and deepen mindfulness.

Date: Nov. 4-9
Location: Acorn Inn, Nellysford , Virginia
Contact: Janet Evergreen - 434-293-4136
e-mail: janetevergreen@cs.com

GoZo Movement Workshops

Emerging from the Goddess Workshops

led by Denise Hyland

“The Sun Mother ventured into a very deep cave, spreading her light around her. Her heat melted the ice, and the rivers and streams of the world were created.”-
Australian Aboriginal Creation Myth 

In these workshops, we will use breath, sounding, and movement to create deep, transformative experiences. In this process of deep listening, we awaken our senses and perceptions, gaining access to a rich innate and ancient intelligence that is our most basic nature. This is the realm of mystery and magic.

The exploration of breath opens us to the fluid, subtle, intricate layers of movement in the organism. Sound becomes a vehicle for penetrating tissue, and creating internal resonance. Engaging in movement experiments, gateways open to new experiences of being.

These workshops are experiential in nature and are designed for anyone who wants to explore this innovative approach to the pleasure of living in the body.

Introductory Evening, Nov. 11, 7-9:30 PM

Location: The ATTiC in the Glass Building, 313 2 nd Street, S.E. , Studio 208 Charlottesville , VA
Cost: $25
Contact: Jena Leake - 434-990-2096
email: jenaleake@earthlink.net

Workshop - Nov. 12 &13, 10AM to 5PM

Location: Charlottesville Waldorf School, 1408 Crozet Avenue , Crozet , VA
Cost: $175
Contact: Jena Leake - 434-990-2096
email: jenaleake@earthlink.net

Introductory Evening Nov. 18, 7-9:30 PM

Location: The Center, 4321 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington DC
Cost: $35
Contact: Mary LaBarbera 703-979-5661
email: mlbttgfluid@att.net

Workshop - Date: Nov. 19 & 20, 10AM to 5PM

Location: Bannockburn Clubhouse, 6314 Bannockburn Drive , Bethesda , MD
Cost: $210
Contact: Mary LaBarbera 703-979-5661
email: mlbttgfluid@att.net

Workshop - Date Dec. 2 - 4

Location: Sadhana Yoga Centre - Nova Scotia , Canada. 1593 Queen Street Halifax , Nova Scotia
Cost: $175 CDN.
Contact: Anastasia Manolakos 902-422-3518
email: info@sadhanayogacentre.com