What is GozoMovement?

Expressive BodyWork with Christopher Hyland

Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and Individual Process

Expressive BodyWork is a client-centered, integrative approach to transformation and healing I have developed over the past twenty-five years.

The practice of Expressive BodyWork is committed to assisting people in finding inner freedom within the matrix of his or her own bodily experience of emotion, intuition, intellect and spirit. Working together in individual or group sessions, I facilitate a cooperative exploration of various experiences uniquely and spontaneously designed to guide each person through her or his own sensory awareness in order to come into a greater understanding of a depth of being and purpose. In my repertoire, I include movement and energy mobilization exercises, physical release exercises, creative visualizations, nurturing touch, sounding, centering and meditative techniques, music or any combination of these, as well as offering the opportunity to effectively discuss issues, which may arise in the exploratory process during our sessions.

In a world where we most often seek to understand ourselves, our relationships with others and our reason for existing by tearing our life's experience into ever smaller pieces for dissection, relentlessly trying to label, instead of feeling them, Expressive BodyWork is dedicated to the act of rebuilding the self and the spirit and soul we each embody - by permanently awakening our core life's energy flow through sensory awareness and body movement, a more peaceful understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others as well as discovering or rediscovering our own capacities for a greater creative fullness of being occurs. In my experience, healing occurs when we bring our attention into the constantly changing creative flux between thoughts, sensations, images and feelings -- what is commonly referred to as body-mind integration.