What is GozoMovement?

Intrinsic Movement Explorations with Denise Hyland

Classes, Workshops, Retreats, and Individual Process

Intrinsic Movement Explorations is a creative process of internal and external inquiry based on the conviction that in order to really live we have to relearn to be present for each unfolding moment. Each moment is constantly moving into the next and in this way the river of our lives winds along its course. Over time, due to many varied factors, we become disconnected from this flow. Injuries, traumas, (both physical and emotional), and the relentless demands of a culture that pushes us to become more and more desensitized in order to maximize production, numb us to our essential selves and our life force.

Much of the process involves facilitating transformative states of being by gently and progressively building experiences based in movement, sensation, breath work, nurturing touch, sounding, and other methods designed to creatively reawaken the vital core inside ourselves, while building safe containment within the body. Many people relate deep experiences of an essential wholeness of being from this process.


Intrinsic Movement Workshops are opportunities for more extended periods of exploration. Through cultivating awareness and sensitivity to the intrinsic world of our bodies, we come into connection with the unfolding mysteries of creation both biologically and spiritually. The exploration of breath opens us to the fluid, subtle, intricate layerings of movement in the organism. Sound becomes a vehicle for penetrating tissue, and creating internal resonance. Engaging in movement experiments, gateways open to new experiences of being. This is a powerful approach in coming to know ourselves through the richness of our connection to all life forms. As we open our awareness to these forces, we access greater resiliency, intuition, perception, and availability to ourselves and in relation with others.

Fluid Fitness is a powerful and creative exercise alternative that sculpts the body, stimulates the mind and energizes the heart. It is invigorating, toning, and revitalizing while sparking imagination and spontaneous expression . The emphasis of this approach is based in pleasure and listening. I design these classes as structured experiments, within which a person can work according their body’s needs at any particular moment in time. We utilize gravity to create traction through curves, arches, and spirals, elongating and decompressing tissue, innovating a context in which one can unwind and be supported through total engagement of the whole body. Working with breath as a way of dissolving rigidity, we increase fluidity, oxygenation, and blood flow. This cultivates supple muscle strength, heightens experience through tuning to and stimulating sensation, and nourishes personal connection. We use physioballs, chairs, walls, and other accessories in unexpected ways to shift our frame of reference, and break through habituated patterns.

These classes are ongoing and structured to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Individual Process is a highly creative investigation in which I act in partnership with you to access a deeper and richer intelligence within. This process is unique to each person and is body centered.

Together we cultivate a safe and nurturing environment allowing what is hidden in us to rise to the surface. These can be fears, memories, and voices that act upon us unconsciously and inhibit the intrinsic processes of growth from unfolding. As a result of this process you gain access to sources of renewal, creativity and freedom. You begin to waken to the connection between the relationship of your internal movement processes and the larger movements of your life. As you open to the many faceted layers of experience in yourself, those parts of your identity that keep you bound, dissolve away, allowing the emergence of more meaningful expressions in living. The true power of transformation is in our ability to meet ourselves in truth and be received in that truth.

Sessions can be scheduled weekly or every other week, and can last from one to two hours long. Because of this very individualized approach, one-on-one attention can be beneficial to both those with specific physical challenges as well as those seeking a multi-dimensional approach to personal growth.

Group Explorations are designed to facilitate and support the ongoing deepening of your personal inquiry into the mysteries of the intrinsic movement world. The group provides containment, which enriches and stirs expanded possibilities of experience. Groups are limited in size to provide intimacy and are guided in experiments with breath, sound, and movement. Groups are weekly and biweekly.

Retreats occur periodically and provide more extended periods of time to explore. This allows a deepening and replenishment as we unwind and surrender more fully to the unfolding of movement within.