Who We Are?



Originally trained in traditional ballet from an early age, and later Graham technique, I have studied at such schools as the Martha Graham Center of Contemporary Dance, Alvin Ailey American Dance Center and American University. In my early 20’s after years of formal dance training, feeling confined by the movement of traditional forms, I started to explore more intuitive forms of movement and theater. In that same period, as an artist’s model, I became fascinated by the notion of stillness in movement and visa versa.

My teaching has been deeply inspired by the work of Emilie Conrad’s and Susan Harper’s Continuum Movement, including participation in their first teacher-training program. Other major influences include intensive studies with Japanese performing artists Eiko and Koma in Delicious Movement, Drs. Malcolm and Katherine Brown in Organismic Psychotherapy, and Gestalt Therapy Certification with Rudy and Sharon Bauer through the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies, as well as a professional performing career. I maintain a private practice, working independently and in close collaboration with my husband Christopher Hyland, been a guest facilitator at numerous training institutes, and lead classes, workshops and retreats in my own unique approach to Intrinsic Movement Explorations.